Farmer: Oh Lord open my eyes to see it’s a new season
By Dr. Aaron Shamu

One thing that doesn’t stop moving is time. I remember a friend of mine who decided to do a master’s degree ,another said I will do next year . Now the other has a master’s degree while one is still yet to start . It’s easy to think of what to do ,but action is only for the brave and those who see clearly.

When the year started ,you had ambitions, it’s all gone down the drain.
Dear farmer, ecomies world over changes ,companies world over are closing and opening, technology is impacting industry, prophets are rising everyday but a farmer still feeds nations .
Have you ever thought or imagined why land is such a hot issue? Have you realised that all economies world over shake when land issues are at stake . Do you know that any and sustainable wealth starts from the ground. Who were the richest people from the biblical times and what was their source of wealth?
Oh lord open my eyes to see . Get tired of just talking, act today . You are a farmer because you got a piece of land. Use it . Do something on it today
When the bible say, “so that I can see”, its more than physical blindness, some of us don’t see opportunities, some have been blinded by salaries they earn and some by what is not theirs .
Today dear farmer let your eyes open, when God say I will bless the works of your hands, he means that your hands are not barren, it’s only that you are enriching Laban. Work for your inheritance Farmer. No one cares about you more than yourself. Half year let God open your eyes, God asked that woman of Zaraphat, what do you have? He starts from there and the rest will be history .
God bless and get focused for the second half of 2017
Be blessed!